d3tay - dominating nightclub DJ

D3TAY is one of Florida’s hardest working DJ’s. He is an adventurously intriguing Individual, with the ability to alter reality through music. An outstanding bridge between disparate musical worlds, D3TAY takes his diverse experiences and turns them into his own music. Part DJ, part composer, part performer; D3TAY is one of North Florida’s top night club entertainers.

Nick Nasty

Nick is a Florida home grown talent. He has been producing music for several years. He has a strong SoundCloud selection of HIP/HOP rap music. Nick is currently working on his next big release “GIVE ME A SHOT”. Nick is hard at work organizing his “GIVE ME A SHOT” tour. Stay tuned to for tour dates and release of his EP.

ARTIK - Electro & Big Room DJ

Born and Raised in Detroit, ARTIK has been both a producer and DJ for over eight years. Currently located in Jacksonville, Florida, he continues to Remix Tracks, Create Mashups and Exotic Original Productions.

Epik artists

Mr. Al Pete - MC & Hip-Hop DJ

Mr. l Pete is an elite emcee & DJ. From his debut album 'Talk About It' to his conceptual album 'Fish In The Forest', his catalog is a sure thing to check out. A true cooling force in Jacksonville and surrounding areas , Al Pete hosts the well followed Groove Suite podcast with Sosha Thumper, focusing on Soul, R&B & Funk. He is also the creator of Mister Peterson's Neighborhood and produces the yearly 90’s Bash; Fly Socks & Tees.

MJ Baker - Energetic Jazz Artist

MJ baker was born in the city of Jacksonville and knew from an early age that she was musically inclined and in possession of a powerful voice. Starting her career as a poet and songwriter with strong roots in the church, she now performs across multiple genres as a full-time artist. Her voice and acoustic guitar are her instruments, making MJ as skilled a musician as a singer and songwriter.


LAW is from Florida. His passion for making music comes from his own love for it. His time is focused heavily on Mixing and his family, bringing new music into what he's doing now is an everyday achievement. LAW brings various genres of Rap to the table. His music genre is heavily influenced by various Hip-hop and Dirty South Rap artists. With his latest release "Fall Of The Gods" he continues to work towards his ultimate goal in becoming the best DJ of his music genre, all while producing beats in his spare time!

Killloala - Youthful Mix DJ

Jacksonville native DJ Killloala may just be kicking off his career, but the dance music bug bit him at an early age. Spinning discs, which he’s been doing from the age of 12, and putting together an original, high-energy show just wasn’t enough. Not happy to just sharpen his performance chops, Killloala is also an up and coming producer, crafting original tracks that gets people up and keeps them up.